TL; DR: 

Grammar police, globe trotter, cheese-loving feminist.

Believes in life, liberty and pursuit of the hustle. 


Who am I?

My name is Halah Flynn — I'm a rookie in adulthood and D.C. life. 

I’m an Inbound Marketing Coordinator for 2U Inc., an education technology company, where I create digital content for our university partners. 

So obviously, I like to write. 

I graduated from the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2016 with degrees in Public Relations and Global Studies. Since then, I left my North Carolina roots and set up camp in Washington, D.C. — that’s how I came to create Capitol Hal.

What's this blog even about?

Primarily, it’s a lifestyle blog, but all too often that only includes pictures of lattes, hotel reviews, and outfits of the day — this blog is going to be different. I want coverage of my lifestyle to include what it’s actually like to be a millennial living in D.C. You’ll hear my views on political happenings, the challenges of adjusting to adulthood, where to buy the best gourmet cheese, and all the ways I try to keep myself sane.