Talk to Liz Warren! (Sort of.)

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a final project for a grad school course where we test emerging technologies to solve problems in the journalism field.

One such opportunity is to cut through the current media landscape during the 2020 presidential election. More than a year out from the actual election, the race to the primaries is overwhelming at the least, and chaotic at best. If someone wanted to learn more about a candidate, they'd have to look in several different places: a candidate's website, news articles, Wikipedia, etc.

Across all these sources, messaging is bound to differ, both in quality and accuracy. Such is the state of the news media in the age of ephemeral information, but it's not enough to help reporters fact-check efficiently, let alone help constituents sort through the onslaught of information. What if there was one place to find everything about a candidate?

Hence: an Elizabeth Warren chat bot, where you can ask about anything: climate change, economics, Palestine, maternal mortality, taxes, student debt and more.

Chat with the bot by clicking the link below, and when you’re finished, type “all done!” in the feed. You’ll be prompted with a link to fill out a survey about your experience.

Elizabeth Warren Chatbot

As always, thank you (especially to my mom’s friends) for reading and supporting my blog!

This project isn't formally affiliated with Elizabeth Warren, her campaign or anyone on her staff. It's strictly for educational purposes.

Halah FlynnComment