5 Essential Newsletters for Busy People


As a writer, I don’t always have time to read every news story, but it’s important to have a pulse on developments in industries that intersect with health (read: everything). Enter: newsletter subscriptions, where I get a curated, shortened version of the news from every corner of the web. We all read theSkimm, but I get a bit weary of their sponsored coverage and overuse of “ze Russians.” So here’s my list — a list of lists, if you will — for the newsletters that get me through the week.

1. Girls Night In

“For boss women who’d rather stay in tonight” — this newsletter is my love language. Every Friday morning, the GNI Team sends out a curated list of things to buy, do and read on an evening at home. It’s completely non-political, chock full of funny, feel-good tips for self-care. They have book clubs and meet-ups in major cities, and regularly publish profiles on the types of women you want to be when you grow up. Subscribe here to get tomorrow’s edition.

2. NY Times: What We’re Reading

Two times a week, you get recommendations for news stories from NYT writers and editors. It’s like being inside the brain of some of our nation’s top journalists, except at the convenience of your own bed (or wherever you prefer to read up on the news). You don’t even have to have an NYT subscription, because they send articles from other outlets around the web.

3. The Hustle

Business news that isn’t too jargon-y, for readers who want the latest and greatest stories of start-ups, brands and whatever shit storm has overcome Uber this week. Every day, the Hustle arrives at 11 a.m., which is perfectly timed for the early morning dumpster fires of Silicon Valley, and covers the stories that theSkimm often misses with their 6 a.m. email blast.

4. Tasting Table

This weekly newsletter doesn’t just talk about seasonal recipes and restaurant openings; it’s a heads-up for every time a franchise like Chick-fil-a or Chipotle is giving away free food. What more could you want? You need this in your life.

5. Casual Spectator 

My brother and boyfriend will tease me for this one, but I’ve been reading Casual Spectator to get better at talking about sports. Growing up, no one ever took the time to explain things like how the NBA finals work; admittedly I didn’t get it until this past year. This newsletter breaks down the latest in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and more in simple, easy to follow terms. I might even make a bracket for March Madness this year.

Why do I care so much about newsletters? Because being informed makes me better prepared to vote, makes small talk wayyyy easier, and keeps me in the know when y’all ask me wtf is going on in our nation’s capital each week. Got a favorite subscription that I’m totally missing out on? Leave a comment below so I can check it out!